Smarter Giving Through Appreciated Stock

Here at Logos Academy we believe that EVERY child should be afforded a high-quality education, regardless of their family’s income. Our donors make that possible by giving generous scholarships to... Read On

20/20 Vision for 2020

Logos Academy/New City School has a vision to shepherd students intellectually as well as spiritually, encouraging them to live out the compassion of Christ. This vision for 2020 is already blossoming–we expect enrollment... Read On

Unabashed Determination

Five years ago, while New City School was still in its planning stages, a local businessman expressed great skepticism in the viability of our vision.  He was enamored with our... Read On

A School that Defies Logic

Every organization has its challenges.  Operating a school such as Logos Academy Harrisburg (New City School) is no exception, and in many ways those challenges are complicated by our unique tuition... Read On

Intelligence Plus Character

When a prospective parent visited Logos Harrisburg recently, Mr. Davenport, the kindergarten teacher, was in the throws of organizing his classroom, and the mother’s two children were engaged with Miss Liz.  This... Read On

Play is Serious Work

Visit New City School on any given day and you may discover the room peppered with small groups of children.  One group of four year-olds is hovering around the “sensory... Read On

Meet Jamari

Jamari is an energetic four-year-old who loves books, is creative, and prefers DC super heros to Marvel.  His remarkable memory for the stories he’s learning at school is demonstrated in his ability... Read On

Pay Taxes or Provide a Scholarship?

No one enjoys taxes. Period. Did you know there is a way that you can give a life changing scholarship to a student at New City School instead of paying your... Read On

“I like going to school; my teachers love me.”

Preschoolers are full of quotable, interesting, and sometimes humorous comments.  At three or four years old, their filters are not what they will be.  For instance, one student told our Mayor... Read On

An Accessible Education Option

The State Department of Education released the 2017 School Performance Profile scores for Pennsylvania public schools. The scores for the Harrisburg School District are not encouraging.  Harrisburg is still a... Read On