New City School is an independent Christian school offering a high-quality education of mind and soul to the children of Harrisburg, regardless of faith commitment or financial means.

We are a faith-based community school where everyone is known and loved.  Being grounded in the love of Christ frees us to love and serve our community and one another, for we know that God in Christ has loved and accepted us as broken and needy people. Because of this and our small class size, we can focus on a tailored instruction for each child.

We are educating the whole student.   As an independent Christian school we are able to educate the whole student–mind and soul–providing a rich classical education for young elementary students and giving them a foundation for a life-long love of learning.  “Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education!” -Martin Luther King.

We are teaching students how to think, reason, and learn. Our curriculum, with a classical approach, recaptures the best elements of education used for centuries. It coincides with the students’ developmental stages,  building on the foundation of grammar and focusing on logic, critical thinking, and effective oral and written communication.

We are diverse and accessible. Our income-based tuition structure and open enrollment policy mean families of varied ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds will make up the New City School community.

We are for Harrisburg.  Harrisburg has great people, ministries, and businesses committed to the growth and prosperity of all of Harrisburg. New City School wants to be a part of that movement!

We are patterned after the proven model of Logos Academy (York, PA) Logos is a diverse community school with 20 years of existence serving the city of York with the highest quality education.  We expect to formally affiliate in the future.

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission

The mission of New City School is to serve Harrisburg as a community school, grounded in the love of Christ and providing a rich education of mind and soul for students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

The Vision

We envision a thriving, diverse urban school that cultivates well-educated, virtuous students who have developed a love for learning and service.