We are so very pleased to have you as our students’ parents and guardians. Thank-you for being so deeply invested in the school community. We know that our efforts are multiplied as a result.

Logos Academy Harrisburg at New City School is deeply committed to several very important values, which we trust will be reinforced in your home.

Respect, responsibility, and kindness – We will work hard to help your child understand what it means to respect their friends, their teacher, their classroom, and their parents.  We expect them to show respect in the words they use and to have “listening ears.”  Students will be held to a high (but age-appropriate) standard, so that they take responsibility for themselves and their behavior in the classroom.  In addition, students will be responded to with kindness and good manners (for example, “please” and “thank you”) and will be encouraged to respond likewise. Please reinforce this at home.

Quality education – We will provide the very best education through a play-based model of leaning. Your child will come home talking about how much fun they had playing at school. Don’t be surprised–developmentally, children learn best through discovery and hands-on activities, but they are learning, and most important, they are developing a love for learning. Our education goes beyond academics. We work to cultivate social and emotional growth as well–an important, if not the most important, component for kindergarten readiness.

Each child known and loved – We are a school grounded in the love of Christ, which forms the foundation for the school community. As such, your child will be known and loved. Our instruction and learning environment reflect that understanding. This is the reason for our small class size. By keeping the adult-to-student ratio small, we can focus on instruction tailored to each child.

Parent partnership – Logos Academy Harrisburg at New City School understands that we are only a small part of your child’s life. We are partnering with you in your son or daughter’s development of mind and soul. Here are several ways you can be an effective partner:

Make school a priority: The students who attend school consistently show the most growth and progress throughout the course of the year.

Limit screen time: Our tech world makes this a challenge, but studies show the damaging effects of extended time on a device. We are happy to help you think through other healthy alternatives to iPads and TV time.

Consistent Bedtime: Studies show young children need about eight hours of sleep each night. Work to see that this happens by maintaining a consistent bedtime, if possible.

Give to the school: It costs over $3000 per child to provide the education we offer. Thankfully, we have a great group of donors who invest regularly in your child’s education and that of his or her classmates. We look to our parents to also give of their time, and to donate financially or by providing classroom supplies.


Daily Procedures and Required Forms

Each school day, please escort your child to the room and sign them in. Enter the building through the small courtyard and come up the steps to the classroom. The sign-in sheet will be just outside the classroom door. Please enter the parking lot from Green Street and exit only onto Verbeke Street. Park your car in the middle of the lot if no vacant spots are available.

When you come to pick-up, your child will be brought out to you.  Please remain in your car.  If walking, come to the east end of the parking lot, and our staff will direct you.

You will need to complete a Preschool & Pre-K Pick-Up Form or Kindergarten Pick-Up Form on which you will list those who have your permission to pick up your child. We will hold to this firmly. Only those listed will be permitted to pick up your child. Until we are familiar with those whom you have listed, we may ask for a form of ID before releasing your child. Please complete this form and turn it in before the first day of school.

You will also need to complete a Preschool & Pre-K Emergency Health Information Form or Kindergarten Emergency Health Information Form. Please submit this form no later than the beginning of the first day.

Thank-you for entrusting your child to us. We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s education.

Mr. Andy (Executive Director)

Ms. Liz  (Principal)

Mrs. Hanna (Student Support Coordinator)

Ms. Cindy (Administrator/Business Manager)

Mrs. Kauffman (First Grade Teacher)

Mrs. W (Kindergarten Teacher)

Ms. Angelina (Assistant Kindergarten Teacher)

Mr. Jason (Pre-K Teacher/Operations Coordinator)

Ms. Kelli (Preschool Teacher)

Ms. Joy P (Assistant Preschool and pre-K Teacher)

Ms. Janay (Staff Support)